Family Guy: Brian Griffin's Guide to Booze, Broads and The Lost Art of Being a Man softcover


From the writing staff of one of the hottest TV shows around comes this latest book in the FAMILY GUY series. It celebrates Brian, the Griffin's misanthropic, martini-mixing mutt ...ahem dog. From the mouth of the Griffin's bon vivant pooch come words of wisdom - in English mind you. More than just the family dog, Brian is the most learned and eloquent of the family, with insights as sharp as his speech is slurred, and a wit as dry as his martinis. Within this mighty tome he waxes philosophic on unrequited love, the relationship between master and dog, the adult film industry, and just how hard it is for a dog to get a bone.

Life lessons learned while warming bar stools acoss America- from Quahog to L.A.

Used, pages and cover clean.

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